Supermarket Firewood Comparison – Sainsburys | Aldi | Asda

When it comes to buying firewood in supermarkets, there are so many options that it can be hard to find out which offers best value for money. There are many different types of wood that supermarkets sell and it can make it all the more confusing.

Here at Firewood Farm, we have researched and compared different firewoods from supermarkets.


Tesco Firewood & Dry Kiln Logs

Tesco offers firewood in store and online. They do sell different brands at different stores however so it can be difficult to get a true comparison and the results may vary depending on where you live. At the time of writing however, there was no stock of firewood at Tesco online and you could therefore not deliver for home delivery. However, the reviews for the online Tesco kiln dried logs was just 2.6 stars out of 5. This is quite poor and many people have commented that the logs appear to burn really fast and do not last for any real length of time.

Many stores do however stock logs and these can be bought in store. The logs bought here can vary as they will vary by supplier. The logs are usually sold in plastic bags and between 6-8 logs will fit in each bag.

Tesco Heat logs

It should be noted that Tesco also sells heat logs. These are rated slightly better at 4.3 stars out of 5 but they are also out of stock at the time of writing.


Asda Firewood

Asda sells kiln dried logs online but also sells them in some stores. The price for one 18 litre bag at the time of writing is £7 but it does not appear that these have been stock for some time so the price could be significantly out of date. They also had another brand of logs in stock but these are also out of stock. This other brand does not list a price either and there are no reviews on Asda kiln dried logs. Asda is based in Leeds but has stores nationwide and an increasing presence in the south of the country.


Aldi Firewood

It is much more difficult to get hold of a constant supply of firewood from Aldi and some people have commented online that supply can be intermittent. Firewood at Aldi can be difficult to obtain depending on the stock situation. Aldi sell kiln dried logs in 7kg batches in plastic bags, but it is noted that the size of the bag is not enormous and it may require at least one bag for an evening of heat. Aldi have only one review on their logs online but it is one star. Their heat logs are rated much better however with a 3.9 star rating from 20 different reviews.

Aldi Heat Logs

Aldi also do heat logs like Tesco, but these are also often out of stock and supply can be intermittent. However, they are rated better than their normal kiln dried logs.


Lidl Firewood & Heat Logs

Next up is Lidl, perhaps Aldi’s’ biggest competitor. But how does their firewood supply stack up? Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a constant supply of firewood from Lidl and they do not list the product online. Firewood can be bought from Lidl in store however, but the supply is also incredibly intermittent and it heavily depends on store to store and when they can get supply in. There are also very little reviews for the Lidl kiln dried logs that Lidl sell and it is therefore very difficult to compare the firewood to other supermarkets.


Morrisons Firewood

Morrisons offers just one type of firewood product online. They offer premium kiln dried logs for a cost of £8  for a 18 litre bag at the current time of writing. They also claim that the firewood will be dried to under 20% moisture to be complaint with the requirements when selling to households. However, it should be noted that their firewood does not currently have any ratings.

Morrisons also offers two other product that can be used in wood burning stoves. A pack of 16 eco firewood log briquettes for £8 has been offered in the past though is out of stock at the time of writing. The other product on offer is a ‘Zip the Fire Log’ which is priced at £2.20 each. It is claimed that these will burn for up to 90 minutes and they are rated an average of 4/5 stars by customers. It should be noted however, that most of these reviews appear to be from users who received the product as a free gift so the reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt. Interestingly, these firewood briquettes are made from willow wood which is quite unusual and is something no other supermarket offers.


Sainsburys Firewood

Sainsburys do not offer any bags, creates or firewood products at this moment in time. However, like Morrisons, they do offer an individual quick lighting firelog. This product appears to be very similar to the Morrisons offering and advertises a 90 minute burn time. The weight of the product also appears to be the same but there are no reviews at all for the Sainsburys offering. It also does not mention the type of wood or material that is used in making the firelogs. The price is also more expensive than Morrisons and therefore it is hard to write a recommendation for the firewood logs at Sainsburys. We hope to test these logs in the future so watch this space for updates!


Waitrose Firewood

Waitrose sells everything you need for a successful fire as they sell kindling and bags of firewood. Their firewood offering is £8.75 for a bag which puts them more expensive than their competitors but they do advertise that they are from UK sourced wood and dried to under 20% moisture. The reviews are left lacking however as they have only had 3 reviews for their firewood and has an average of 3.5 stars out of 5 from just 3 reviews.

Their kindling is priced at £3 for a bag but is only rated 3 stars out of 5 from three reviews. It is a different story for their coffee logs however which is rated 4.4 stars out of 5 from 7 different reviews. This makes it the most rated product in our research. They offer these for £8.75 for 16 logs and judging by the reviews, they appear to burn both well and for a long time. The price may be off putting however as it works out around 55p for every log burnt.

Waitrose also offers the firelogs like Sainsburys and Morrisons although are not available at this moment in time. They would usually be priced at £2.50 though which means they are also more expensive than their competitors. They also offer a pack of ‘Big K’ heat logs priced at £11 and these are also ins tock. They do not have any ratings for this product however.

Maybe surprisingly, Waitrose appears to have the best range of firewood products of all the major supermarkets, despite being a lot smaller. The higher price than most of their competitors may be off putting however.


Supermarket Firewood Conclusion

Overall, the major UK supermarkets offer a variety of firewood options for sale. While each supermarket may have slightly different options, the most common types of firewood include kiln-dried logs, seasoned logs, and briquettes. Kiln-dried logs are a popular choice for their low moisture content, which allows them to burn more efficiently and produce less smoke. Seasoned logs, on the other hand, may have a higher moisture content but are typically cheaper and readily available. Briquettes are also becoming increasingly popular due to their high heat output and low ash content. Ultimately, the choice of firewood will depend on personal preference and the specific needs of the user. It's important to consider factors such as burn time, heat output, and environmental impact when choosing firewood. With a range of options available, you can find the perfect firewood for your needs at any of the major UK supermarkets.

Supermarket Firewood Comparison – Sainsburys | Aldi | Asda